Provillus Review – Is Provillus The Best Hair Loss Treatment For Women And Men?

Do Not Buy Provillus Until You Read This....

Provillus Is One Of The Best Hair Regrowth Treatment For Men And Women In The Market Today.  But Are The Claims Real?

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My name is Cindy.  Thanks for visiting my site.  If you are looking for more information and honest review on the popular hair loss treatment product call Provillus Hair Regrow, then you came to the right place.  You can read a more in-depth research on this famous Hair Loss Formula call Provillus.

Where To Buy Provillus

If you are in a hurry and wish to skip reading the research, you can go to Provillus Official Site direct and look at what they offer.  The best and safest place to buy is directly through their official site.

Now, let's get started ....

What Is Provillus

Provillus is one of the best hair growth products in the market today.  This hair regrowth product is effective in treating hair loss, weak follicles, thinning of roots and damaged hair.  Most of the hair loss sufferers have a mixture of these 4 conditions, if not all.  Most of the readily available hair loss products focus on treating 1 or 2 conditions at one time.  This can be troublesome and not very efficient if you need several hair products to cover all conditions.

Unique Patented Formula

Provillus is formulated to target all 4 conditions effectively.  It has a unique patented formula that include Minoxidil (helps to grow hair fast), and Biotin (for building stronger follicles and healthier hair strands).

How To Use Provillus

natural hair regrowth

Provillus elite natural hair regrowth treatment system comes in two parts

  1. Take the all-natural handcrafted supplement once a day.
  2. Spray the topical Minoxidil formula directly at targeted areas.  There is no need to massage.

That's it! It is simple to apply.  You can do this easily before you head off to work, or before going to bed.

FDA Approved And Total Natural Ingredients

This is a 2-in-1 high quality hair restoration treatments.  Each of the hair regrowth treatment is proven separately. Provillus's topical hair spray contained the only FDA approved active ingredient for helping rapid hair growth and thickening of the hair strands.  

Their natural supplement is a unique patented blend of ingredients - Biotin, Magnesium, and Premium Quality Amino Acids that are clinically proven to be effective in treating hair loss.

Total Hair Restoration

Provillus all-in-one system with the patented ingredients is very effective in restoring optimal hair production - whether it is damaged follicles, split ends, restricted blood flow etc, Provillus works by promoting nutrient filled blood flow to the scalp and roots and at the same time strengthening the follicles.

The Minoxidil spray is almost odorless, goes on clear and it is absorbed fast.

Hair Treatment For Men And Women

Both men and women suffer from hair loss.  But the treatment is different between men and women.  Provillus comes in 2 formulas that restore hair growth for men and women.

Best Hair Growth Products 2019

provillus for men

Provillus For Men

Hair loss affects men - whether young or old.  Do you know that more than 60 million men before reaching 40 years old suffer from hereditary hair loss?

Fact - Provillus Hair Regrowth for men is formulated with the only FDA approved ingredient in treating thinning of hair and hair loss in over 96% of men.

hair loss treatment for women

Provillus For Women

Join the 215,000 women worldwide that used Provillus and already experienced the Fast And Easy luxury hair growth.  It worked for thousands of young and old women each day.

Regain your strong, and beautiful hair once more.

Does Provillus Work?

Yes, it does.  The short answer is that Provillus works effectively in helping men and women to regrow their hair quickly. Clients have reported that they see good and visible results in as little as a few weeks after using Provillus.  Client with thinning hair and bald problems have seemed hair regrowth in those areas.

Here are some of the testimonials from real users of Provillus.


If you’ve been thinking about doing something to fix your hair, stop thinking and just do it. When I look back on how much time I wasted worrying about what product to buy, it’s crazy. I wish I found Provillus years ago, perfect five star product.

An​​​​na Olson graphic designer


After a day at the beach you could tell my hair was just damaged and dry. I wanted something to help protect my natural shine, even after a full day getting hammered by the sun. Provillus keeps my hair looking perfect after every beach or pool day.

June Coco - student

It is interesting to note that many of the existing Provillus clients are long time users of this revolutionary hair-loss treatment product. They chose to stay with Provillus. These are a good indication and positive signs that the product is indeed good and value for money.

I have gone through several forums and websites and saw that most of the users out there have only positive things to say about Provillus and that they benefited greatly from using this hair regrowth product.

Clinical Studies And Trials

Clinical trials were done and the result published in Journal of the American Dermatology.  The study showed that Minoxidil 5% is much more effective than Minoxidil 2% in regrowing hair in men and women.  Men and women who used Minoxidil 5% experienced a much faster hair growth with no side effects.

I have attempted to cut and paste the clinical studies done on Minoxidil.  You can om the left the results.  It is small so I am not sure if you read it.  But you can click here and visit the journal publication.

Another separate 24 weeks clinical study was also conducted for male androgenetic alopecia.  You can view it here.


In conclusion, Provillus is an excellent choice for treating hair loss problems.  The numerous positive feedback from across places, forums and the clinical studies done showed that Provillus is perhaps one of the best hair growth products for women and men.

The other discovery is that Minoxidil and Biotin seems to be the key ingredients in the treating of hair loss.  A Minoxidil 5% should be the minimum benchmark when selecting a natural and fast hair regrowth product.

Where To Buy Provillus Safely And Cheaply

If you do have done some research on guying Provillus, you will realize that there are a number of websites that claim to sell Provillus at a cheap price.  Please do not buy from these sites.  They are mostly all fakes or selling you other products.

Only buy Provillus from the Manufacturer directly.

Refund and Guarantee

Buying from Provillus official site directly ensures you receive the genuine product.  The manufacturer also back up their quality with a 90 days refund with no question ask.  The risk is zero for consumer.  They also provide free worldwide standard shipping

Buy From Amazon

Beware! Don't buy from Amazon!

I love Amazon.  I buy plenty of books and other stuffs from Amazon.  But I never buy consumable products or vitamins etc from Amazon.  This is because Amazon does not manufacture these products.  Amazon is just a platform where many suppliers list their products there to sell.  It is difficult to know if the products are genuine or just a good replica.

Provillus is only sold on their own official platform.  I will strongly recommend you to only purchase from Provillus official site.

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