Profollica Shampoo Reviews – The Best Natural Hair Growth Products For Men 2019

Medical science changed the way hair loss is being treated.  There is no reason for men to continue to suffer using ineffective hair loss treatment product - simply because researchers and scientist have conclusively proven that :

1.  Some men have a higher than the average level of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is the root cause of male pattern baldness.

2.  Slow DHT from forming in the follicles of hair, and you can slow, stop and in many cases, reverse hair loss.

Hair Loss Control By Dealing With DHT

Control DHT and you can control or even stop hair loss.  Now that you know how DHT causes hair loss in men and women, you can very quickly eliminate shampoos and supplements sold from the malls and the Internet today.  Most of these hair care products help to keep the hair clean and moist.  But most of them do not deal with the #1 cause of hair loss - Excessive DHT.  So stop wasting your money and time.

Profollica Reviews - Hair Growth Shampoo For Men

Profollica is a revolutionary 2-part natural hair loss treatment systems for men. The system consists of Daily Supplement and an Activator Gel with Trichogen. Profollica aims to fight hair loss by targeting on the reduction of excessive DHT.

natural hair loss treatment for men

Profollica Results - Before And After

profollica before and after
profoliica before and after

Profollica Side Effects

There are no reported side effects so far.  Profollica is a natural hair loss treatment product.  But do speak with your doctor if you have any concerns.

Profollica Cost

Profollica comes in discount packages between 3 and 6 months.  You can be sure on a monthly basis; it costs less than a quality shampoo and conditioner from your hair salon.

Buy Profollica From Official Website Or Amazon?

There are many sellers on Amazon marketing Profollica.  Beware of these sellers.  Most of these sellers do not back the purchase with guarantee, and it is questionable whether they are carrying the genuine Profollica products.  There is no way of knowing what ingredients go into their hair products.

You do not want to risk the health of your hair to these Amazon sellers.

Why take the risks when you can buy Profollica directly from their manufacturer's website?

Visit Profollica Official Website Now

60 days guarantee. No risk. Natural hair loss treatment system.

How Profollica Works?

Profollica is a broad ranging system that comes in two parts:

1.The Daily Supplement

This is the first step towards regaining your hair. It is derived from naturally occurring amino acids, extracts from herbs, and enzymes that are not only meant to put you DHT production in check, but also to protect your hair follicles against your own lifestyle choices, whether intentional or not. These can include an unhealthy diet, stress, psychological disturbances among others.

It works by disrupting the natural tendencies of 5-AR in your scalp in its attempt to produce DHT. It also gives your follicles vital nutrients to help stimulate growth of healthy hair strands.

Every pill includes the following vitamins, minerals and nutrients.


This helps improve flow of blood by causing the blood vessels in your scalp to dilate, thus delivering more precious blood.

Vitamin B-12:

As stated severally, a poor diet is a major cause of hair loss. This vitamin is essential to the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system, as well as production of blood.

Pantothenic acid:

Not ready to become a member of the Silver Fox cabal just yet? Here is an essential amino acid that has been proven to turn grey hair back to the color it was previously.


Reputed for aiding cell growth, it works by neutralizing toxins and aiding in repair of damaged cells.

Folic acid:

I’m sure you are aware of this one, but it wouldn’t hurt to underscore its importance. Every cell in the body reproduces by splitting itself into two. Folic acid aids this, thereby helping your hair grow to be healthy. Aside from helping you grow hair to die for, it also helps your nails and skin be as healthy as possible.

These are just a few of the nutrients available in the pills but there are many more.

2.Activator Gel

This one here is the hair growth shampoo for men. To start using it, simply apply to damp hair after you have shampooed your hair. The open scalp pores after a good shampoo gives it the opportunity to get in to the hair follicles and start operations.

This works by targeting 5-Alpha Reductase and ensures it does not combine with testosterone to wreak devastation on your hair follicles and your sense of self-worth.

What this does is after you begin to apply it, it works to immediately stop hair loss. It then moves into rejuvenating and fortifying the hair follicles with nutrients provided by several plant and herbal extracts. When this is achieved, it then moves into stimulating the follicles into the hair growth phase.

We conducted a clinical study and had tangible results after our research participants had used the product for 112 days. 90% of the participants reported that their overall hair loss had slowed down. A further 87% reported the hair growth they experienced was quite good.

Not only does the gel help in regrowth of hair, it also improved the aesthetic quality of the hair and scalp. The gel also protects against damage brought about by harmful UV rays from the sun.

The following are components of the activator gel:

Extract from the fruit of Kigelia Africana:

An excellent extract from a plant only found in the wilds of Africa. It is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps to flush out excess DHT from the scalp.

Hydrolyzed soy protein:

Gives your follicles nutrition to aid in regrowth and strengthening of hair.

Panax ginseng root extract:

From the reputed plant of the Orient, the extract helps improve circulation of blood around the scalp while stimulating the RNA and DNA activity in the cells.

These are just but a few of the ingredients used in the formulation of this gel, which also contains Trichogen, an excellent stimulant for hair growth. Trichogen itself contains components which are essential for hair growth. These are

• Sulfopeptides, which helps to regulate nutrition for cells and aid in cell growth.
• Zinc salts to help regulate the secretion of the skin’s natural lubricant, sebum.
• Silicone and quaternium are used in conditioning of hair.
• Amino acids and derivatives that also help regulate cellular nutrition.

These ingredients make trichogen an excellent hair food, that’s why it is the best component to condition your newly regrown hair.

Visit Profollica Official Website Now

60 days guarantee. No risk. Natural hair loss treatment system.

Is Profollica The Only Product Used For Hair Growth?

Well, no, it isn’t, but a large number of them don’t work as well as Profollica. These shampoos and conditioners will even claim to be a baldness cure but fall short of their own claims. Yes, they may deal with issues that are external to the body like excessive secretion of sebum but they will fail to address the root cause of hair loss, DHT.

Prescription Drugs For Hair Growth

There are only two medications approved by the FDA for the treatment of hair loss. These are Finasteride, which is marketed under the names Proscar and Propecia. The other is Minoxidil which is available both as a pill and topical ointment under the name Rogaine.

The Side Effect


It was once a revolutionary and darling for hair loss treatment.  However Minoxidil does not address the root cause of hair loss - excessive DHT.  So the long term result was disappointing.  It is no longer recommended as the first choice of treatment against the hair loss.


This directly addressed the excessive production of DHT issue and has the overall best result so far for prescription drugs.  BUT - it has a long term undesirable sexual side effects that continue long after you stop using the drug.

Finasteride side effect

Profoliica Shampoo - The Better Option

You don’t need a prescription to get yourself the help that you need. Made from completely natural extracts and components, you wouldn’t have to deal with nasty side effects. No, this is Not a sales pitch.

Finasteride has been shown to have side effects that go right to the heart of your marriage. Sexual side effects. These effects include erectile dysfunction, abnormal ejaculation, decreased ejaculation volume and even impotence. Even after one stops taking the drug, it becomes difficult to get and maintain an erection for extend periods of time.

As soon as you notice a bald patch coming on, get yourself some Profollica. No method available is a total cure for hair loss. All anyone can do is to help stimulate hair growth and keep it stimulated. Since DHT is a vital androgen in the body, it cannot be done away with.

Once you start on the Profollica system, you will have to keep going in order to maintain the excellent regrowth that is happening. When you stop, your hair follicles will once again be attacked by DHT and the balding will return.

If you also decide to start late, it may be difficult to get the system to work for you. This is because the follicles will have gone completely into telogen. It will therefore be an uphill battle to get them to wake up and restart production of hair.

Follicle miniaturization is a difficult nigh on impossible task to reverse.  For a full head of hair, start early and keep it going.

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