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Different Hair Styles For Curly Hair


For men and women with curly hair alike, deciding what to do with it all can be a bit of a difficult decision. There is a multitude of natural kinds of curly hair, most of them related to one’s ethnic background. African curly hair is distinct from certain strains of Middle Eastern and Pacific Islander hair and each of these natural types of hair lend themselves better and worse to certain looks. For those who are unsure of how to wear their curly hair, consulting a knowledgeable friend is a great idea, particularly if one really has no idea where to start with what to do with curly hair.

African Hair Style

As mentioned above, there are multiple strains of curly hair that react differently certain hair care products. Further, some of these styles react to being cut or simply interact with gravity differently. While most strains of African hair, for instance, can grow long and tall into afros, certain strains of Middle Eastern hair tend to hang down low, creating a natural Jheri curl.

Your Ethnic Group

hair salon for curly hairResearch into what your ethnic group’s curly hair tends to do is a good idea before deciding on a look. For those who have used modern technologies to get curly hair, it is important to know how those products work and how your new curly hair interacts with cutting and gravity, which is oftentimes simply a matter of curling it together and then waiting and seeing what it does over the course of weeks or months.

As a rule, curly hair rarely does very well at medium length. It works best as either a short or long hairstyle, though some ethnic strains of curly hair will at times be all right at medium length. Deciding between short and long hair may not always be the wearer’s decision based on their line of work, but for those with the option between short and long hair, there are a few ways to handle their hair.

Because curly hair is less common (and in some ways actively disdained by modern society), there are very few specific styles for curly hair out there. A few do exist, while other hair styles are more general purpose and can fit any head, whether it’s curly, wavy or straight. A pompadour, for instance, can easily fit on a curly head of hair as readily as a straight or wavy head of hair.

Learning the names of these hair styles can be done through online research, which often includes images to give people an idea of what they’ll be wearing. However, it is very important to know how your hair will suit a specific style. Some strains of curly hair require a great deal of time and effort to wear a Jheri curl, while others do it naturally.

Conversely, some strains of curly hair need intense effort to create a look that only remotely resembles the afro it’s trying to be. A bit of research beforehand, whether it’s from a friend who knows these things or an online search, is invaluable here.

The Right Hairstylist

Keeping a short hair style short is a thing that will have to be done on a regular basis. It should also be noted that unless a barber regularly sees customers with curly hair, they will rarely know much about maintaining a curly hair style. Hair stylists, as a rule, know more in general about specialized hairstyles, but even they may not be as knowledgeable as one might like if they do not regularly deal with customers who have naturally curly hair. Once you have found a barber or stylist near you who seems to know how to deal with curly hair, one should stick with them as long as possible.

Long Curly Hair

Long curly hair can, in theory, go on indefinitely without being trimmed, but many people with long curly hair prefer to go to a hair stylist to trim an inch off the entire thing once in a while to deal with knots, tangles and gnarled outgrowths that may emerge on a long hairdo. This is doubly important for curly hair as curly hair just twists around on its own, meaning that it will ensnare itself far more often than straight or wavy hair.

Managing Curly Hair

However one wishes to wear their curly hair, a few things do emerge as standard rules of operation with curly hair. Brushing curly hair never ever works out well. To groom curly hair, one needs a wide toothed comb (known as a pick) to groom their hair. This should ideally be done while the hair is as wet as possible to minimize painful hair loss during the combing process. Further, one should comb their curly hair gently and slowly, or at least as close to gently and slowly as they can manage.

Curly Hair Products

Additionally, there is a wide range of products intended to work well with naturally curly hair and these work far, far better than products intended for any type of hair. As mentioned above, the baseline assumption of modern hair styles is that hair is either wavy or straight, so curly hair focused products are a niche product but are actually not that hard to find. Using curly hair specific shampoo and conditioner is a must for curly hair of all lengths. Additionally, periodic use of hair products such as Provillus and Profollica Shampoo can help. Finally, there are sprays that can be applied to curl hair to give curls more volume and definition, creating a more even appearance.


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